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Pre-Travel Checklist

Departure Checklist

For a Pawsome Journey: Pre-Travel Checklist Essentials for Your Furry Friend!

Pet Transportation Departure Checklist

To ensure a smooth and comfortable flight for your pet, please have these items ready before their travel date:

1. Travel Snacks and Comfort

  • Food: Pack 2-3 days' worth of your pet's food in a secure, labeled ziplock bag. Write clear feeding instructions (e.g., 1 cup twice daily) using a permanent marker or sticker.
  • Comforts of Home: Send a familiar towel or bedding that smells like home to provide comfort in their crate. Ensure it fits comfortably within the crate dimensions.

2. Medications and Essentials

  • Medication: Pack veterinarian-prescribed medications only, clearly labeled in a ziplock bag with precise administration instructions. Important: No sedatives are allowed, including anti-anxiety medications with sedative properties.
  • Toys (Optional): Solid toys are welcome (avoid squeaky ones).
  • Leash and Collar: Please include a leash and collar for your pet (not required for cats).

3. Health Documents

  • Paperwork: Provide ALL original health paperwork and ONE copy, including rabies certificates and required vaccinations. We'll ensure you have everything by check-in, even if we hold some originals.

4. Travel Day Tips

  • Light Meals: Feed your pet(s) a light meal on travel day, with a small snack a few hours before check-in. This helps prevent tummy troubles during air travel.

Remember: Our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're committed to making your pet's international adventure a furrific experience!

Bringing your own crate to check-in? Let's make sure it's ready for a first-class journey!

Crate Setup: Ready, Set, Pawfect!

  • Follow our simple setup instructions like a pro at this link: Proper Kennel Sizing (No need to add stickers or tape—we'll handle those at check-in!)
  • Attach food and water bowls securely, and line the bottom with absorbent material. (Hold off on filling those bowls until later!)

Say Cheese! Photo Time for Safety

  • Snap a few pics of your crate setup like it's a superstar: one from the side, one from the front, and one with your pet comfortably inside.
  • Email these paw-tastic photos to us at least 4 days before the flight.

Double-Check Dimensions for a Comfy Trip

  • Measure your crate carefully to ensure it matches the size listed on your contract.
  • If there's a mismatch, let us know ASAP! We're here to help.

Remember: Our team is pawsitively thrilled to assist with any questions or concerns! We're committed to making your pet's travel experience as smooth as their fur. ✨

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