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For pet owners who are planning to move internationally with their furry friends, finding a reliable and trustworthy pet shipping company is crucial. A good international pet shipper company will ensure the safety and comfort of your pet during transportation and handle all the necessary paperwork and logistics involved in international pet travel. Among the many options available, Across The Pond Pets is a standout choice for its exceptional service and care for pets.

When looking for an international pet shipping company, there are several factors to consider. The first is experience - you want to choose a company that has a proven track record of safely transporting pets across borders. Across The Pond Pets has been in the pet shipping industry for over a decade and has successfully transported thousands of pets worldwide.

Another important consideration is the company's knowledge and expertise in navigating the complex regulations and requirements for international pet travel. Across The Pond Pets has a team of experienced pet travel consultants who can guide you through the entire process, from obtaining the necessary documentation to selecting the right travel crate for your pet.

Aside from experience and expertise, it's also essential to choose a pet shipping company that genuinely cares about the well-being of your pet. Across The Pond Pets stands out in this regard, as their team of pet travel consultants and handlers are all pet lovers themselves. They understand that pets are part of the family and treat each animal as if it were their own.

One of the most significant benefits of working with Across The Pond Pets is their personalized service. They take the time to understand your pet's unique needs and personality and tailor their services accordingly. This includes arranging for a direct flight whenever possible, selecting the most pet-friendly airlines, and providing pre-travel guidance to help your pet acclimate to their travel crate.

During transport, Across The Pond Pets provides constant updates on your pet's whereabouts and condition, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to track your pet's progress. Upon arrival, they arrange for a seamless customs clearance and delivery of your pet to your new home.

Finally, Across The Pond Pets offers a range of services beyond just transportation, including pet relocation counseling, pre-travel veterinary services with our parterns, and even pet grooming and boarding. This comprehensive approach makes the entire pet relocation process much smoother and less stressful for both you and your pet.

In conclusion, finding a reliable and caring international pet shipping company is essential for pet owners who are moving overseas. Across The Pond Pets stands out as a top option due to their extensive experience, expertise, personalized service, and genuine love for pets. Working with them ensures that your furry friend will have a safe and comfortable journey to their new home.

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